Border Lovers

We are hoping to breed Lily, our Red  Merle female with Schooner, our black and white male in April. 

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As a Border Collie lover, I advise if you are considering adding one of these lovely, intelligent animals to your family to please research the breed. Border Collies are not for everyone. They are typical puppies until they reach the age of 12 - 14 weeks of age, then the energy/exhuberance of the breed really comes into play. These dogs have to be trained. They have to be given jobs, or responsibilites to focus on. If you are not willing or able to spend the time focusing their energy, you can end up with problems like chewing, aggression, extraordinary shyness, etc. They are also very sensitive and will not adjust to any type of physical discipline. They are the best dogs any person could every hope to have in their life - as a friend, a playmate, an active companion - as long as the person is willing to spend the time and the energy to train them in a calm and rational manner. Border Collies learn very quickly. I have never had another breed pick up on training as fast as they do. They love to learn!!! They crave interaction and attention. The most important question to ask yourself: "Am I willing to interact with this puppy/dog every day? Am I willing to spend that kind of TIME ?